Shonenpunk! #34 pg1 Jacky up your life!

The #shonenpunk gang get settled into starting a new life at veltar academy#webcomics #comics #harem #ecchi


Max and Neko-chan


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New shonen punk page is up!

WE’RE BACK!! Happy 2015!! woo! this year will be better! more comics! more fun! more boobies! If you cant keep track which chiitsu this is im sorry for my gailure ;-; but this is the chii that went to hell and back. the one that we last saw in issue #25! SO YES. our current… Read more »


just a heads up!

I wasn’t able to get a laptop (or home) till late in the year. in fact only been here a month or so. but anyways!!! Shonenpunk will commence jan. 05 2015!!!! save the day, spacedrunks!


sooon my pretties!

im moving around alot right now, but i gonna try to pull my tablet out of storage. so hang in there! if i can well get updates again!   i hope you come back lol


in case you didnt know…

For those of you who don’t know shonenpunk us not dead!! Taking a hiatus while I sorry my living arrangement. As soon as i’m settled in and have internet sp will recommence to our regular weekday schedule. Sorry for the inconvenience! Xoxo Andeh Pinkard


Shonen Punk! Patreon Mk.2!!

So i’ve updated and changed the focus of the patreon I set up for shonen punk. It is now in support of the monthly Issues , with promises of giving free difgital copies and stuff to patrons. come check it out! http://www.patreon.com/andeh patreon is a sort of per monthly(for us) crowdfunding kinda thing. ​Every month… Read more »