Volume 1

01 Harem time

Chiitsu Pinkada is a 30 years old punk rock otaku/ freelance artist(joblesslackerpervert) Who is the star of a new reality show that takes place in the Shonen Punk house, a super high tech mansion and reality show aimed at recapturing the magic of Shonen harem romance comedy anime. He and a hand full of contestants/victims are forced into living in this house as it travels across Space from planet to planet.
Mar 12, 2013rumors and legends
Mar 17, 201329 years ago
Mar 18, 2013Roomies
Mar 19, 2013Lost in space
Mar 20, 2013Astro Zombies

02 Alien Stowaways!

As if being forced into an intergalactic-traveling reality show wasn't enough, now the shonen punk house has to deal with two alien stowaways! Just who are these aliens, and what do they want?!
Mar 22, 2013Space magic
Mar 23, 2013What?!
Mar 24, 2013Hard Reset

03 Ghostbloods and mechanic sprites

The Ravenwulfs look for a mechanic to repair what's left of the Shonen Punk house-ship.

04 Legacy get

The Ravenwulfs make their way towards Dexchat, but what legacies awaits him there?
Mar 16, 2014Oh, My Senpai!
Mar 16, 2014does not exist
Mar 16, 2014Welcome to dexchat
Mar 16, 2014The great Valley
Mar 16, 2014All the languages!
Mar 17, 2014OH! the feels!
Mar 17, 2014Crooked deals
Mar 17, 2014Don't be jelly
Mar 19, 2014The Hanai

05 Heat Up!

Mar 23, 2014Atten Shun!
Mar 25, 2014Shoop da Shoop!
Mar 26, 2014Be a MAN
Mar 27, 2014Harsh Rejections
Apr 01, 2014Damage report?
Apr 02, 2014No need for dying
Apr 03, 2014Suicide run
Apr 04, 2014Dangergasm
Apr 07, 2014Worth the squeeze?
Apr 10, 2014So, what next?
Apr 11, 2014Roll Credits!

Volume 2

06 hot springs hijinks!

Apr 14, 2014What kind of man?
Apr 15, 2014Emotional training
Apr 16, 2014Tough Love
Apr 17, 2014cup sized brains
Apr 19, 2014Price of fame
Apr 21, 2014Girl talk
Apr 24, 2014Blood Bath
Apr 30, 2014How Rude
May 01, 2014code blue!
May 02, 2014Rescue Who?